Middleman Burr


MBcropMiddleman Burr is the husband & wife duo comprised of award-winning singer/songwriters Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman.

Married for ten years, Gary and Georgia perform for audiences all over the country. With harmony and humor, they weave an evening to remember featuring their original songs as well as the stories behind them.

A lot of love went into their first duo album, I Like The Sound of That, released in September, 2015.  Listen closely, and you’ll hear it in the words and the melodies of ten original songs, nine written by Middleman Burr, and the tenth co-written by Georgia Middleman, Gary Burr and Phil Alden Robinson. “I Like The Sound Of That” was followed up by their second release “MB.”

To learn more about Middleman Burr, visit their website at MiddlemanBurr.com