A Reason To Write

People write songs for many reasons. You might want to hear your song on the radio. You might want to tell someone how you feel with your guitar instead of telling them in person. You might have to bury your mom or dad and writing that song was closure for you.

I’ve been a professional songwriter for 23 years now and this is one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had as a songwriter. I had just finished reading the book “I Know My First Name is Steven.” It was the story of Steven Stayner, a child who was abducted at seven years old and finally escaped after seven years of abuse and torture. His story was so heavy on my mind that I started wondering about other missing children: what if there is a missing child out there right now just waiting to be rescued? What is he/she thinking? How have they been able to hold out hope when they’re in the darkest of circumstances?

It was 2006 and I had a writing appointment the next day with Sam Tate and Annie Tate and told them about my idea. They jumped on board and were so amazing. We had no idea what we could do with the song once it was done but we knew we had to write it. It’s called “Take A Good Look At My Face.” 

Fast forward 11 years later, and I was telling my friend Alyssa Factor Saito about the song and how I wished I could do some kind of video to bring awareness to the cause but didn’t know how. She did some research on the internet, called me back and said “I think I know how. You should contact The Polly Klaas Foundation. They’re trying to bring kids back home. On their website, they have a page where they list pictures and pictures of missing children out there. There’s your video.” 

So I reached out. The amazing people at The Polly Klaas Foundation wrote me right back and the following video is what transpired.